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Application Management

With rapidly changing application scenario and introduction of new complex applications, IT development is a major challenge for many growing businesses.

ZealTech acts as an interface between a customer's business process and their IT infrastructure through application management. It helps business achieve unique and optimized development solutions. In a dynamic solution, software enhancement with adopting new technology must be impalement to ensure that software continues to support new business requirements. There is a need to upgrade the software regularly to compete the complexity over time and introduction of new technologies, which can be done by maintenance of the software. Change businesses need requires application to be amended, tested and supported continually.

ZealTech tailors the following methodology

  1. Application Management assessment
    1. Business case development
    2. Functional analysis and portfolio analysis
    3. Software Infrastructure monitoring
    4. Application architecture and Support model analysis
  2. Application Optimization services
    1. Gap analysis to understand difference between business requirements & application architecture
    2. Business value through optimization
  3. Support services
    1. Identify key issues with complex IT ecosystem
    2. Optimization to reduce support cost
    3. Increase support services response to business
  4. Application maintenance services
    1. Chance Request Management
    2. Error fixing
    3. Patch releases
  5. Pro-active monitoring services
    1. Application monitoring and dashboard reporting
    2. Service level Agreement management